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Неизменна част от маркетинговата дейност в съвременния свят е присъствието в глобалната мрежа Интернет. Затова ние от „Артанта“ предлагаме помощ в избора на целево домейн име, хостинг, изработка на уебсайт — корпоративeн, продуктов или имиджов, онлайн магазин или уеб портал, — оптимизиране за Google и другите търсещи машини, поддръжка и други. Освен стилен дизайн ние предлагаме на клиентите си и оптимална функционалност на сайта им. Всички, сайтове, изработени от нас са респонсив, т.е. променят автоматично параметрите си според големината на дисплея на устройството, на което са отворени, за да изглеждат максимално добре на компютър, лаптоп, таблет и телефон.

Web Sites

Sleek multifunctional design. Fast speed. Intuitive content management system.


Online store platforms with unlimited number of products upload option.

Google SEO

Search engines optimization using good practicies. Link building and networking.


Monthly Website Management

Artanta Marketing agency does NOT require websites or e-Commerce sites developed by us to be maintained necessarily by us. As you may well know from experience with your phone or computer, software products periodically need updates. Also, some times amendments need to be done in text, images or other materials on your website or e-Commerce site. Not necessarily. All content management systems (CMS) Artanta implements are user friendly and intuitive so customers can quickly and easily learn to do that by themselves. Of course, we can do that for you when needed against per hour fee, or on a regular basis for a small monthly management fee depending on included services. With our monthly website management plans you save money and have peace of mind.

5 €/m

60 €/year


12 months min. order

30 €/m

300 €/year
Save 20%


6 months min. order

65 €/m

600 €/year
Save 30%


3 months min. order

* If you feel none of our monthly website management plans cover your needs, feel free to contact us for a bespoke site maintenance offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Since each online store project is unique, in order to get a quote you should contact us and describe at least your basic needs. We’ll consult you and will offer you several options in the next 48 hours. Don’t hesitate to try us and you’ll see that our prices are most competitive to Bulgarian and international market.

Again, it’s project wise. A small business website of 5 pages (Homepage, About, Products, Services, Contacts) may be completed within 2 weeks. While a multifunctional  e-Commerce online stote featuring hundreds of products may be developed for months.

We at Artanta understand that as you are searching for someone to develop your website, you may not have the knowledge, shills or time to do it yourself. That’s why we keep the list of things you need to provide as short as possible:
1. What pages you want
(e.g. Homepage, About, Products, Services, Contacts, etc.)
2. Company or favorite colors
3. List or web sites you like.
4. Text, pictures and other materials.
5. Contact person who is fast decision maker.

Not necessarily. All content management systems (CMS) implemented by Artanta are user friendly and intuitive so anyone can quickly and easily learn to update their site or to upload text, pictures and products. Surely, we can do that for you for a small monthly fee.

Because of our vast experience and fresh ideas. Also, we believe that consulting is the most important process in any project. Thus we strive on each stage to help our customers get the greatest result for their budget.